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UPCAR is a non-profit organization working to promote education and awareness on gender justice,human and women rights, community health and empowerment of marginalized tribal and dalit people. A highly motivated and committed group of people have been implementing our programmes and activities for the last 15years.
The Begining
A youth group that pooled together voluntarily to secure the basic rights of a few groups of migrant tribal & dalit labours gradually evolved as an integrated fo socio-development workers. The little success served the first capital. The youth group applied their willing body & courage with the objective of bringing in a better living sphere in their locality and beyond.
Community education & awareness, Promotion of child rights, community-health, Mother & Child care, Empowerment of Women and the marginalized, better up-keeping of livelihood source & environment etc. are some of the priority areas of our action.
During the exercises of varied range in the past nine years we have come across success and failures in varied degree. We learn, re-learn and with the fresh & advanced preparedness move forward.
The Working Team
The organization now has a good work force comprising of youngmen and women. All of them acquired social work-skill and some are professionally qualified. The avarage age of the present team is 38 and the avarage social work experience is 16 years.

    Their will and attitude to serve and deliver the good and the organization's objective achievable.
Personnel position
Paid: Full time 10 Part time:08
Volunteers/Honorary: Full time 07 part time:11

Mamata Samantray
(Secretary & CF UPCARS)

Journey of UPCARS Secretary
Ms Samantray

People's Manifesto

Annual Report 2009-10
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